Tips for Attracting Love Using Feng Shui

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Feng Shui is the fine art of attracting love energy into your life using the fine art of object placement. Here are some simple ideas for décor to buy or how you can arrange your décor to attract ore love into your life.


Try displaying matching salt and pepper shakers in the kitchen.  The kitchen is the domestic place of love and in Feng Shui things displayed in pairs attract soul mates so go ahead and use “male and female” salt and pepper shakers to magnetize the opposite sex. For instance, a cock with a hen would be a good Feng Shui Love attracting touch in your kitchen, especially if you place it in the salt and pepper shakers in southeast corner of the room.  The southesast is the place of love in Feng Shui.


Fish symbolize fertility, love and money and the metal copper is also associated with love. Hang these in your kitchen to try and attract a soul mate as well.  Heart shaped baking pans can also be hung on the wall to help enhance your love enhancing properties.


Another tip is to replace all of the linoleum in your kitchen with ceramic tiles. This helps bring love into your lives. Ceramic tiles in rose tones are perfect as they symbolize love.  Painting your bedroom and bathroom walls pink can also help attract love in your life.


Make sure your china cabinets and bathroom are decorated with crystal objects.  You don’t have to use stones like quartz to clear bad emotional energy from a room. Any type of crystal glass, vase or statue can also be used to create loving chi anywhere in your home.


If you are single and sleeping in a single bed then Feng Shui experts say that you are not leaving room in your life to attract a new partner. Make sure that this bed is double to make room for a new loved one and make sure matching tables and lamps flanks it.


Never have anything in your home that is missing a match.  This includes socks.  Make sure each of your sock has a pair and is not “missing a mate” or the idea is that you might. Throw out all gloves or socks that are missing their match. This is bad feng shui for love. The lone sock that has lost its mate in the dryer is an unlucky omen for you!

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