Sex With A Younger Man

Should you have sex with a younger many you may have just met? After all it is important to be careful, as there are many disturbed young men out there. Furthermore there is always the risk of meeting a man who has troubles with his mother and has a lot of rejection to project on an older woman.

The golden rule of “cougar dating” should be that you never meet the guy alone if it is a first date and that you should wait three dates before having sex with the person.

You should also make sure that the date is a respectable one. Just because he is younger does not mean that he can take you bungee jumping or anything. Make him take you out to dinner

Also don’t be surprised if you are asked out on a date in a way that seems less formal. It is not unusual to be approached for a first date through a text message or instant messenger communication. A young man may also take you out for pizza or for take-out.   This is a bit of a generalization as not all young men are completely informal. There are those that love to go to the ballet, fine dining or that will even go to a museum or art show with you. However, depending on how young the fellow is he might only be interested in partying with other boys in frat house.

So what should you do to get the young man in bed?  Most cougars suggest just feeding him a couple of Martinis (but not too many so he can get an erection!)  If the sexual chemistry is there you don’t have to worry. Young men are very easily aroused.  The wearing of sexy lingerie is something cougars are famous for so give it a try if the attraction is not working as well as you expected.

Experts on cougar dating sites say that if you want to break the ice, cook him dinner before you lure the innocent young man into your lair. Even better yet, get him to cook you dinner. Many young men are great chefs and make parallels to their culinary skills to their skills in bed.  Before you cook dinner see if he is into doing it instead! The best  cougar dating sites are and .

Do not be surprised if your interlude with a younger guy is brief.  He might also brag about you being a pelt on his belt.  The young guy who scores with a cougar is seen as a really successful hunter in the jungle of modern love.