Amazing Ideas for the First Date

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First dates are fragile affairs where two strangers meet to test their compatibility. Emotions can range from thrilling to terrifying! So, if you are one of those guys who want to score with a girl on the first date, here is some sane counsel. This is your chance to show her what a great person you are, not bare that tattoo on your inner left thigh! It would be wiser to forget about having sex on the first date. Instead, focus on what you will wear, how you smell, what you will say etc.

Women analyze every little thing about their date. You will be scrutinized every single moment – ‘Does he fidget? Does he sweat? Does he remain calm and collected?’ So, the way you handle this high stress situation is an indication of your character. As you can see, meeting someone and getting to know her can be hard. If you are planning your first date with that special someone, here are some great ideas to make your rendezvous memorable.

  • Sun and Sand: Take her to the beach. A perfect way to enjoy the sun, show off your new swimsuit, and discover what she looks like in a bikini.
  • Riverside Picnic: Forget expensive outings. A simple quiet outing allows for stimulating conversation. And you will get to know her much better.
  • Going out to the Movies: A clichéd choice. Definitely not a great way of getting to know somebody. Maybe you can follow it up with going out to eat, and have a chance to converse.
  • Fine cuisine: A classic date idea. Find out her food preferences, and decide on a restaurant. Keep the conversation simple and light. Avoid tricky areas like past boyfriends, personal family details etc.
  • Ride that Limo: How about a great night on the town? Impress her with a long drive in your ‘stretch car’!

The Best Dating Kibitz: Nothing compares to having a bird’s eye view to the city, floating above, with her hanging on to you because she is afraid of heights.

But most of all, be real, be original, and avoid these first date pitfalls

  • Pretending to be someone, you are not.
  • Boasting. You will create an unfavorable, arrogant impression.
  • Debating about religion or politics.
  • Imposing or getting too personal.

Remember the best compliment a man can get, is a woman telling her friend, “I had the most wonderful conversation with this guy last night, yet I still don’t know anything about him. He’s a great listener though.” This means that you not only entertained her that night, but you have her on a second date! 

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