Asking for a Date

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Did you ever miss the subtle signals that an interesting woman flashed, to let you know that she would like you to ask her out? Like most men, you too seem to be hopeless at interpreting body language. A woman, on the other hand, has this fool-proof formula to get the hunk to ask her out. She knows how proud, vain, and narcissistic men are. To flatter your ego, she will get in sync with your actions. She will smile when you do, cross her legs when you do, and laugh at all your jokes. And to arouse your interest, she will, oh-so lightly, brush her arm against your body and murmur, “Sorry!” Then just before leaving, she will ask for your phone number. By now, if you are reading her correctly, you are definitely thinking of asking her out.

Of course, when you have no clues to her thoughts, you are scared of rejection, while asking her out on a date. No problem. Just memorize this opening line – “Hey! I would really like to get together and do something with you sometime…” Now, she cannot say, “Sorry, I’m not free”, which is by far the most popular rejection line, because you have not set the time yet. In fact, you have not even asked her for a date yet! Now observe her reaction. If it is negative, forget about it. Remember, you have not asked her out yet so you have not been rejected!

There is nothing really complicated about asking for a date. For starters, here are some ground rules:

  • Lesson #1 Ask her in person. Conversations give you a chance to ascertain your compatibility with each other, before requesting a date.
  • Lesson #2 If you call, mention the last conversation the two of you had together and how much you enjoyed it. You might also mention the setting and some of the topics you discussed to help jog the other’s memory. Then simply say something like, “I was wondering if you would like to go with me to…”
  • Lesson #3 Ask her when you both are alone. Do not ask her in front of her friends.
  • Lesson #4 Avoid asking a single girl out on a first date on a Saturday or Friday night. If she is someone popular, chances of her being busy are so high that she may have to turn you down, even if she does want to go out with you on a date. It also creates feelings of uneasiness straight away. It indicates that you do not have a date for the weekend with someone else and therefore you may have trouble getting dates.

A general rule of thumb is to ask the same person for a date three times. If she says she is busy each time, you can assume that she does not wish to go out with you. Ask another person. And another. Eventually, you will find the one who is right for you. 

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