Tips for Attracting Love Using Feng Shui # 2

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Feng Shui, the fine art of attracting good energy in your life through object placement, is a fascinating topic. In this follow-up to the last blog we explore more ways of attracting love into your life using this method.


According to Feng Shui masters the pictures that you hang on your walls can influence how your love life will pan out. Photos, statues or images of ducks, hummingbirds, dancing butterflies or flower blooms also send a message to the universe that you are willing to receive new love into your life.  Hang a painting or photograph of a vase of peonies in your bedroom or living room as this luscious flower represents rich and loving relationships in Chinese folklore. This is especially effective in the Southwest (love) sector.


Pictures of elephants are also considered lucky. Elephants mate for life, have long memories and are faithful to their partners. Hanging pictures of these animals or having statues of them around can help you attract a partner.

Paintings of pairs of ducks also attract love into life. However you don’t have to put up paintings of ducks. Instead, place a pair of rubber ducks on the edge of your bathtub to insure fidelity in a marriage or to draw a partner to yourself.



Burning pink or red candles gives a powerful message to the universe and also to your lover that you are in the mood for love. Rose scented ones are especially fortunate for romance.  If the candles are heart shaped or have heart motifs that is even better.


When it comes to knick-knacks stick to rounder objects. Perhaps this is why round objects are used in Feng Shui to attract love. Try putting glass or crystal globes filled with water, flowers or sparkles in the bedroom to bring a lover.


To prevent any sabotage of your love life make sure that you never have a mirror reflecting your marital bed. The theory is that mirrors reflecting anywhere there is sexual activity in your home increase the chance of infidelity in a relationship. Mirrored ceilings and mirrors on the closet doors are also a bad idea.



One important Feng Shui tip is to make sure that nothing in your home is ever seen without a mate.  This means that your shoes must be lined up in pairs.  No shoe should be without the one it is supposed to be or you could attract an infidelity or romantic rival into your life.

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